In order to ensure that the different needs of all of those people requiring support are met, Menora Charity will be coordinating support programs and efforts for the Perth Jewish community in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The PHC is grateful for Menora’s leadership in this situation and will work within Menora’s framework to assist as and when needed. When you sign-up for support or volunteer to help, we will pass your details on to Menora Charity so that they can include you in their planning.

PHC will also forward all donations pledged, to Menora so that all donations are available for the implementation of required programs.  Menora Charity will invoice the donations and send you a tax deductible receipt. To make a donation to the PHC or PHS, please click on the donation tab or the buttons on the homepage.

The fact that this situation may go on for many months to come, makes it essential for our community to have an integrated plan that can be sustained for the duration that people are negatively impacted.  Although eager to help now, please be patient while this plan is put in place – you will be called on to assist in the coming weeks and months.

Most importantly, if you know someone who is in distress, please email or call the Menora hotline on 9375-5059. 
For people requiring one or more of the services offered previously, please use the links below.

We live in interesting times and are going to be faced with a number of new challenges.   

If you or someone that you know needs support with regard to collecting  groceries and other necessities; connecting with loved ones and friends using their mobile smart phones; knowing how to host and run a Pesach seder at home or is feeling isolated and lonely – please share the contact details with us in confidence  -  PHC can help!

How You Can Help

Partner with PHC to make a positive and lasting contribution to others in our community.

The COVID-19 pandemic will have far-reaching effects that may include feelings of isolation and a need for support. 

"How can I help?" is a question that many of our members and friends have asked.  The PHC has put in place a number of initiatives, offering people different opportunities to get involved to support fellow community members.  Please click on the buttons below to get more information about these and to sign up. 

Volunteer to shop for elderly or ill
members and friends affected by
social distancing and isolation.

Volunteer to call and connect with elderly or ill members and friends affected by social distancing and isolation

Assist elderly people to download and install apps that we will be using to communicate with members and friends in the coming weeks.

There are 3 options to get involved and help: sponsor soup and kneidlach, volunteer to make soup and kneidlach or deliver soup to elders in our congregation affected by social distancing and isolation

Volunteer to make up Seder Boxes to help Perth families make a Pesach Seder at home or help us to deliver and distribute Seder Boxes.