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Perth Hebrew Congregation

A vibrant centre for Jewish Life

The Perth Hebrew Congregation (or "the PHC" as it's generally known) is at the heart of the Perth Jewish community.

The PHC is the oldest and largest Shule in Perth - but it is much more than just bricks and mortar. It is a vibrant centre for Jewish communal life. We provide daily services, educational programmes, a day care facility, library, mikveh and a bookshop to name but a few.

Under the dynamic leadership of our Rabbi, David Freilich, the PHC has something to offer everyone.

You can find details of all these facilities and more on our website. Just click on the links for more details. If you want more information then please contact us.

Parshat Chaya Sarah

10th Novemberber  2012 - 25 Cheshvan 5773

  • Candle Lighting - 6.31pm

  • Mincha - 6.15pm

  • Shacharit - 9.00am

  • Mincha - 6.25pm

  • Ma'ariv - 7.25pm

Weekly Serevices

  • Shacharit: Sunday and Public Holidays - 8.00am

  • Shacharit: Monday - Friday - 6.15pm

  • Shacharit: Shabbat - 9.00am

  • Children's Service: Shabbat - 10.30am

  • Mincha /Ma'ariv: daily - 6.15pm

Shabbat Shalom!!!

The eruv is up.

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